Curriculum Statement for the school:

Each class page has a curriculum statement but as a school we are currently adapting our long term plans and schemes of work to incorporate the New National Curriculum. We have a sharp focus on the acquisition of the basic skills of literacy, numeracy, science and citizenship. We also develop topics to engage and motivate all of our pupils and give them a broad and balanced experience which covers the new curriculum areas.

We also enrich our curriculum with activities such as our Harry Potter Problem Solving Day, Passport Week, Book Week, Whole School Writing Week and arranging trips to broaden understanding such as our Multi-faith trip to Norwich. 

More able children 

“We cater for more able pupils at our school by using “stretch targets” to encourage them to aim high. We also extend work in our planning and have time set aside within the school timetable for those children who are identified as more able or gifted to have time with the class teacher to work on tasks and activities to develop their skills and knowledge further.

We also have strong links with the local High School teachers who offer support and advice to extend pupils working at level 6 and above in year 6.”

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