Values and Ethos Statement

To Be The Best That I Can Be.

We endeavour to provide an environment that promotes and safeguards personal development and wellbeing by providing pupils with outstanding care, guidance and support.

The School Aims and Objectives

The aim of the school is to provide a caring, work centred environment in which all children regardless of gender, race, age or ability can develop to their full potential.

The school aims to provide a broad and balanced curriculum in accordance with the National Curriculum.

The curriculum will be one that allows each child to pursue and develop their own strengths and gives support in areas of need.

The school believes that each member of the school has responsibilities for maintaining these rights and for caring for each other and the school environment.

We ensure a culture of creativity, innovation and adventure for learning with positive attitudes towards risk. 

To go further than I thought
To run faster than I hoped
To reach higher than I dreamed
To become the person I need to be

- Dr David George

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